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Abraham Lincoln Presenter


  • Invite a celebrated President for a personal chat!

    Our Abraham Lincoln Presenter is a nationally recognized historian with more than 12 years of experience bringing Honest Abe to life. Combining history with humor, our Abraham Lincoln Presenter has given hundreds of amusing and thought-provoking performances. 

    And this roaming performer adds something special to gatherings when he strolls through a crowd to shake hands and dispense wisecracks and wisdom. His uncanny physical resemblance to Abe -- his 6’4” height, authentically styled beard, stovepipe hat and 1860s era clothing -- helps audiences believe they are visiting with the actual author of the Gettysburg Address.

    Talk with our Event Planner to explore how our Abraham Lincoln Presenter can add a bit of extraordinary to your next event. And invite Mrs. Lincoln to the celebration for double the fun!

    Meet & Greet:
    Abe can stroll and interact with your guests in a meet and greet setting.

    School & Children Presentations
    Can be modified for any age group
    1- Growing up to be President.
    2- Lessons learned from Lincoln
    3- Abe Lincoln and his kids
    4- Life in Washington, D.C., during the Civil War
    5- Abe, tell me a story
    6 -Ask Abe Lincoln (or will answer frequently asked questions)
    7- Any topic of your choosing (with prior arrangements)

    Adult Presentations: 
    1- The Unknown Lincoln: Stories Seldom Told
    2- Gettysburg: the Battle, the Meaning and the Address
    3- A Press Conference with President Lincoln (questions are available beforehand) or questions from the audience are taken
    4- Life in Washington, D.C., during the Civil War
    5- The Humor of Abraham Lincoln
    6- Ask Abe: An open question and answer session on any topic
    7- The Many Faces of President Lincoln: PowerPoint presentation &              
        explanations of photos and paintings
    8- Abraham Lincoln, the Man Behind the Beard
    9- Dinner with the Lincolns, joined by Mrs. Lincoln

    Mary Lincoln also presents:
    1. The Lincoln Family
    2. Life in the White House
    3. The Widow Lincoln



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