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Why Company Picnics are Good for Business

Company picnics are outdoor events where employees and their families gather for food, games, and other activities. What may seem as just a "fun" day has much more meaning and benefit–they build morale, foster teamwork, offer a relaxed environment for employees to connect with one another outside of the workplace...and yes, of course...they are FUN!

Specifically, company picnics offer these 6 benefits:

  1. Team Building: Picnics provide an opportunity for employees to socialize, interact and collaborate in a relaxed environment.

  2. Employee Morale: A fun day out with co-workers can boost employee morale, reduce stress and increase job satisfaction.

  3. Networking: Picnics provide employees with a chance to interact with colleagues from different departments or levels in the company.

  4. Family-Friendly: By inviting employees and their families, companies show that they value their employees’ personal lives and support work-life balance.

  5. Brand Awareness: Picnics can help raise brand awareness among employees, their families and the wider community.

  6. Employee Appreciation: Picnics are a way for companies to show appreciation and recognition for their employees’ hard work

So now that you understand the benefits, what are some of the best activities for your company picnic? Luckily, the event planners at Awesome Entertainment and Party Rentals have some ideas for you!

Top Activities for Company Picnics:

  1. Bounce Houses and Inflatables: Bounces and Inflates keep the kiddos of all ages entertained. We have Barnyard Playards to Character themed bounces Combos to taller and more extreme bounces and slides for teens to adults!

  2. Trackless Train Rides: Our trains are not only cute, they are inclusive and can accomodate guests with mobility issues.

  3. Carnival Style Rides: We have the largest selection in the area of rides you can rent. We have Bumper Cars, Mechanical Bulls, a Merry Go Round and more!

  4. Obstacle Courses: Challenge team members and their families to make it through one of our obstacle courses that encourages physical activity and critical they're just fun!

  5. Cotton Candy + Mini Melts: Treats always bring the smiles!

  6. Art Activities: Try our Spin Art Machines to create custom works of art that guests can take home, or maybe have them Spin Art their own T-shirts!

  7. Keepsakes: You'll want everyone to remember the commemorate it with one of our photos booths or even a caricature artist!

  8. Build a Midway: We have an amazing selection of midway games for guests to try their luck!

  9. Old School Fun: Try out our new portable Skating Rink and bring an 80's vibe to your event!

And while it may not be an activity, don't forget Awesome Entertainment is also a full service Party Rental Company and has tents, tables, chairs, grills, catering equipment and just about anything else you can think of to make the day perfect!

In conclusion, Company Picnics at face value may seem like just an enjoyable day for your employees and their families, but they play a much more important role to the wellbeing of your organization. If you would like to start planning your picnic, contact the professional event planners at Awesome Entertainment or click here to learn more about our Event Planning Services.

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