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Turn your Event from Ordinary to Extraordinary with Carnival Rides!

Are you planning a party or other special event and looking for activities that are far from ordinary? At Awesome Entertainment, we have a wide selection of Carnival Style Rides available for rent that will take your event to the next level!

We put together 4 of our top ride picks (and it is was hard to pick just 4) that will sure to have your guests delighted and engaged for hours!

Yes, you read it correctly…upside down bike! This attraction is a show-stopper that’s sure to start a buzz. Up to 2 riders on separate bikes spin back and forth -- and even upside down!

This awesome ride is self-propelled so no electricity is required! Just be prepared for hours of laughter and fun!

Our Mechanical Bull is a quality ride manufactured in the U.K. with excellent built-in safety features. It has a soft head and safe landing area, making it suitable for guests of a variety of ages. In addition, the foam horns are magnetized, so they fall off if the rider hits them. Most importantly, Mr. Nacho's advanced control system makes the ride smoother and safer than imitation models.

Bumper Cars can be found at carnivals, amusements parks and now your own special event! These battery operated cars travel on their own inflatable track, making them an awesome addition to just about any event with a large hard surface.

Keep your guests on their feet, or at least try to keep them on their feet with this attraction that takes a lot of skill and a little luck! So how does it work? Up to two players hop onto the big padded "log" in the center, trying to STAY on while it rolls around. The longest log-stander wins!

While it was hard to narrow our picks to just 4, any or all of these are sure to make your party not just extraordinary, but memorable for any guest in attendance. At Awesome Entertainment we are constantly looking at industry trends and adding to our inventory. In fact, we are Ohio’s most complete party rental company. Get a glimpse of our entire ride inventory, as well as, our equipment rental items, entertainers, concessions and more at And be sure to check back often as we are always adding exciting new items!

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