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Surviving the Summer with School-Aged Children during COVID-19.

We have partnered with the blog Mommy Over 35 and they will be reviewing and writing about their experiences with Awesome Entertainment from a parents’ perspective.

This summer has been hard, to say the least. It feels like it began in March when most of us became home-school parents. Winter cabin fever has extended into the summer and we need FUN and entertaining things to do.

With 3 kiddos, a job, husband, and dog— finding time to coordinate activities that everyone enjoys has been challenging. We do the typical things, arts and crafts at home, take hikes, bake, and play in our makeshift pool area, but we were definitely feeling the need for something extra special since traveling to a vacation destination right now is not feasible.

So I was happy to know about Awesome Entertainment. I have used their services for birthday parties and corporate events in the past and thought why not use them throughout the summer to bring some wow back.

So far we have worked with their party planners on two staycation parties for the family. For our first backyard party, we turned our backyard into a carnival complete with a bounce house with a splash pool, snow cone machine, and a handful of carnival-style games.

The kids were thrilled, to say the least. They were busy for hours and we were able to bring back that summertime magic even though our trip was just to our backyard.

The second experience we planned was a movie night. While watching movies on the big screen (at home) may not seem very exciting, Awesome Entertainment brought the magic with an authentic theatre-style popcorn popper, and cotton candy machine.

The kids had a blast watching the popcorn pop and making ginormous amounts of cotton candy.

We look forward to our next at home ‘excursion” designed by the planners at Awesome Entertainment and will be sure to share our experience with you.

For more information about Awesome Entertainment or to speak with a professional planner please call 614-224-9568.

Mommy Over 35 can be found on Facebook by searching @mommyover35.

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