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Our Employees put the Awesome in Awesome Entertainment

As a local business, we think it is important for you to get to know us. We want you to meet the amazing team members that put the Awesome in Awesome Entertainment. Each month we will spotlight some of these amazing individuals. Today, our spotlight is on Julie.


AFE is family-owned, and Talent Manager Julie Hernandez is tending a whole branch of our family tree. Even before Julie became Fairy Godmother to more than a dozen AFE princesses in 2018, her daughters Kiara, 21, and Annelise, 22, connected with AFE as face painters and balloon twisters.

Husband Mario completes the family portrait, using his decades of welding experience to install and repair AFE equipment as needed. On any given weekend, you may even catch a glimpse of him transporting a superhero or princess to your event.

For Julie, working at AFE is a family affair. Pictured Kiara, Julie, Mario, and Annelise.

“I feel a lot of pride that each of us can bring something different to the table for AFE,” Julie says.

Using her background training and experience in design, graphics, theatre, business operations, and education, Julie manages dozens of awesome performers that include superhero characters, concessionaires, inflatable operators, and casino night dealers.

In addition, Julie trains AFE Team Members and Associates on company policies and operating procedures.

Kiara and Annelise led the way to AFE while Julie was working elsewhere, providing princess performers to AFE as needed. “My daughter went to work for AFE and loved the job,” Julie recalls. “Curtis was always respectful to me and I learned what kind of high-quality business he ran.”

Julie and her team have collaborated with other AFE departments to build a well-organized, high-quality collection of princess costumes and accessories. Our extensive range of costumes is organized and stored as never before, complete with sign-out procedures and a process for maintenance and repairs.

Recently, Julie added hand sanitizer to all performers’ kits and created a costume sanitizing protocol. In addition to AFE’s general hand-washing and social distancing rules, these additional steps do even more to ensure good hygiene and safety at all client events.

While it’s challenging to have the whole family working for the same entertainment company — someone is always working, so it’s hard to take a family trip! — the advantages are awesome. “This is the best job I’ve ever had,” Julie says. “I get to use my education and my creativity — and I get to play dress up.”

Take a look below at some of the many performers Julie manages for Awesome Entertainment.

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