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Need a Safe Trick or Treat Alternative? Make Halloween Fearless with Character Candy Greetings!

Children and adults alike love to get into the Halloween spirit! The last thing anyone wants to do is to skip over this fun time of year.

With Halloween quickly drawing near, many of us are left wondering what options are available to have a safe and enjoyable Trick or Treat experience?

At Awesome Entertainment, we have the answer… Halloween Candy Greetings! What are candy greetings? We have one of our over 200 costumed characters make a personal (yet socially distant) visit to your favorite ghoul or little goblin.

You’ll work with one of AFE’s amazing planners to pick out the perfect character to make a special delivery of goodies, making time for waves, virtual hugs, and high fives.

The standard visit lasts 5-10 minutes and includes a candy container with a variety of fun little items and Halloween-style treats. (Please note that we do not put gum or products with nuts in any of our baskets.)

Extended visits, additional treat containers, and extras like stuffed animals in a variety of sizes are also available as an upgrade. Please inquire when booking if you are interested.

As always the team at Awesome Entertainment is working hard to offer safe, fun, and engaging entertainment options for children (and adults) of all ages.

For more information about Halloween Candy Greetings, Character Visits, and the hundreds of entertainment options offered by Awesome Entertainment, call us at 614-224-9568 or visit us online at

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