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Check out Awesome Entertainment’s New Puppet Shows for Little Imaginations!

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Spark the imaginations of young children with puppet theatre based on popular children’s stories and educational themes. Shows are a perfect way to engage preschoolers and other youngsters. Our performances are great for small gatherings, parties, and preschools. The shows can also be made available for larger corporate parties or public events.

We offer the following shows:

Little Red Riding Hood: Our Little Red Riding Hood puppet shows what happens when she speaks to a stranger — The Wolf who leads her astray in the woods.

Our captivating puppet cast brings this classic fairy tale to life, following an upbeat, pre-recorded, storytelling soundtrack.  Your guests will celebrate our puppets, who turn an age-old fable into a new experience.

Nutrition Salsa: Apples! Oranges! Bananas! Sing along with Carmen Nutritia and make healthy food fun!  Carmen discusses fruits and veggies with buddy Bird Orville — whose idea of good food is potato chips and sugary sweets.  Kids will go bananas for this upbeat nutritional message told through friendship and pre-recorded music — which you’ll be humming long after the puppet show curtain falls

Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Sassy young Goldilocks discovers a comfy house while she’s lost in the woods.  Tired and hungry, she lies down for a nap — and awakens to a trio of Bears!  Our puppet theater cast captivates audiences with its retelling of this beloved fairy tale.  Accompanied by a pre-recorded storytelling soundtrack, our puppets spice up the familiar fable with surprises right up to the end!

Rumpelstiltskin: Beware the odd little man who offers golden solutions to an impossible predicament!  Our puppet show retells this age-old tale of a farmer desperate to find his daughter a royal match — and willing to promise anything to make it possible.  Audiences will be mesmerized by our puppets as they follow a pre-recorded storytelling soundtrack — and by clever daughter Ruth who saves the day!

Enchanting Cinderella:Introduce young audiences to this epic story of beauty, jealousy, and true love.  Our pre-recorded, storytelling soundtrack weaves the magical tale of Cinderella, Stepsisters, Stepmother and, of course, the Prince as they compete for his royal attention.  A gentle heart and kind spirit help our star puppet triumph in the end, thanks to the return of a certain fashion accessory!  Your guests will be enchanted with this tale's makeovers and suspense, even after the clock strikes midnight.

When you decide to book a puppet show with us, you actually get 2 performances with an intermission, Meet and Greet, and a special treat for guests.

To learn more, visit or call one of party planning experts at 614-224-9568.

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