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Renting a Dunk Tank, can be an awesome way to turn some traditional slapstick fun into a

money-making opportunity at your upcoming event or party.

For this daring dunking, your students, coworkers or guests nominate teachers, principals or bosses to be "dunkees."

The bigger the buy-in or donated amount, the more chances that guest will have to throw balls at a target, 

hoping to be the "dunker" who sinks the favorite coach or coworker.

Good-natured taunts on both sides help make this fundraising even more fun.

And a dunker snags bragging rights when they hit the target, making the volunteer dunkee

fall into the dunk tank water -- and the colder the better!


How to structure the fundraiser with a dunk tank rental...

A great way to operate a dunk tank fundraiser is to offer participation tiers.

You can structure it any way you like, but here’s an example: 

  • Tier 1: 3 throws (3 chances to hit the dunk target)

  • Tier 2: 6 throws (6 chances to hit the dunk target)

  • Tier 3: Walk up and push the button for a GUARANTEED DUNK!

You’re more likely to get larger donations with the tiered approach.
And more guests will have a chance to participate this way, even if they don’t partake in the the upper tiers. With the tiered approach, you can tailor your participation categories in whatever way best fits your audience, players and organization needs

Donation Suggestions:  
3 balls for $6, 6 balls for $10 and guaranteed dunk for $20

3 balls for $3, 6 balls for $5 and guaranteed dunk for $10

3 balls for $10, 6 balls for $15 and guaranteed dunk for $50

Remember: your dunkee starts off dry, and that has a high value!
So raffle off the first throw or "sell" the first throw for double the amount of the price of 3 balls!

Who to dunk in the tank?

1. Dunk the graduate 

2. Dunk the bride & groom

3. Dunk a local politician 

4. Dunk the local newscast host

5. Dunk the favorite teacher

6. Dunk the principal or vice principal 

7. Dunk the teacher that gives the most homework

8. Dunk the local sports figure or team 

9. Dunk the boss, manager or CEO

10. Dunk the coach 

11. Dunk your favorite person



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