5 Common Mistakes While Planning a Party:


Don’t let all the little things get the best of you

In case you’re organizing a major event and you can’t keep track of everything, get 

help. All events, but especially major ones require a lot of planning: you must find a location, a theme, decorations, food and drinks, supplies and all of this must be kept within the budget. To make sure nothing is left aside, an assistant will be of support.

If you don’t have this kind of help, you might become overwhelmed with everything and the event might not turn out like you planned. In order to avoid a breakdown you must avoid being overwhelmed. Stop worrying about the small things and allow your assistant to take care of decorating, fixing, fetching and other details.


Take care of the food and drinks for the event:

In case you’ve decided to use a caterer, draw up a contract with them in which you must specify your needs and expectations; items like money, the kind of food to be served, delivery time and other additional services included in the agreed amount should be stated in the contract. Be sure to check everything that is going to be served, you don’t want people to be let down.


Set a budget to avoid over spending:

Setting the budget for the event is crucial. When deciding on a sum for your budget consider the lowest you can work with and the highest you can reach. For example, you could organize the event for $5,000 but with the possibility of spending up to $2,000 more. After setting the extremes, go for the average. When using this technique for your event, you’ll have a clearer view of things you can spend a lot of money on or things you should be thrifty about. You can also impose some limits. This way you will be pleasantly surprised to find out you’ve managed to stay under the budget line.


Get Confirmations:

You should have a signed contract or a confirmation for almost everything you’re going to use or need, even the smallest of things. The contract must include: the amount to be paid, the services to be rendered, the delivery time etc. Be careful when drawing the contracts, some suppliers might try overcharging you or might be late.

When you feel you can relax,----DO NOT!

When you plan in advance you might be tempted to think that it’s ok to unwind for a bit the day before or the day of the actual event. When you feel you can relax, don’t! Call people to check on the progress of things and to check for problems that might arise. This way you’ll be in control of things and you’ll be able to feel confident and at ease the day of the event.